About US

Out school is the 1st to have Air Conditioned Classes in Nagaur. Gurukul maintains a model of good educational practices through continuous enhancement and up-gradation of our system and the development of faculty in order to promote a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of school life.

Curriculum Overview

Aakanksha International School "The Gurukul" is to the "Central Board of Secondary (CBSE) "a widely recognized and high regarded school board is the country the 10+2 pattern of education. At A.I. S. The Gurukul provide an effective framework education through a relevant broad , rigorously - taught and monitored curriculum. place great importance on educating t " whole child " at their individual level of ability potential to ensure a happy learner. Through a holistic approach lear we air to provide our students with requisite knowledge & skill that childless right to learn Learning environment enabling them learn in a balanced manner but enough to challenge them & meet diverse needs. High level thinking skills which will help to tackle many of the moral social and various issues which are part of life

* Political Science
* History
* Geography
* Economics
* English Elective
*Physical Education

* Accountancy
* Business Studies
* Economics
* Informatics Practices / Mathematics
*Physical Education

* English
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Physical Education