[NOTICE-1] * Admission Open For Session 2023-24 From Nursery to XII

Operating Club

Introducing the Operating Club, where innovation and technology meet creativity and problem-solving! The Operating Club at our school is a hub for students with a passion for exploring the world of computers, coding, and digital technology. Through a range of exciting activities and projects, members of this club dive into the fascinating realm of operating systems, computer architecture, software development, and more. Our dedicated team of mentors and instructors guide students in learning programming languages, understanding the intricacies of hardware and software systems, and developing practical skills in problem-solving and logical thinking. The Operating Club also encourages collaboration and teamwork, providing opportunities for students to work on challenging group projects and participate in coding competitions. Whether you are a seasoned coder or just beginning your journey in the world of technology, the Operating Club welcomes students of all skill levels to join us in exploring the ever-evolving landscape of computer operating systems and empowering the next generation of digital pioneers. Come and be part of our dynamic community, where innovation knows no bounds !